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Current Projects of Frank J. Zitz & Company, Inc.

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Safari Club International Annual Hunters' Convention in Reno 2011

Lioness in Progress
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"The designing and building of a large taxidermy competition grade exhibit"

Clients are always asking us about the many procedures that go into designing and building a competition project like the lioness and crocodile for the largest safari and hunting show in the world. We photographed this project in progress. We wanted to put together a series so you can see just how the progression moves to the final project. Typically, there were at least 9 craftsmen working on overlapping facets of this project. We had 18 large floor and booth displays throughout the convention. We also featured hand carved birds at our booth. Click here hand carved birds to see more.

Alexis Bittar

Alexis Bittar Hybrid
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Alexis Bittar stores nationwide are displaying customized sculptures from my studio. You can see some of my pieces in the Alexis Bittar December 2010 blog at or in their stores in New York, California and Chicago.

Daniel Boulud Game Dinner

Chef Daniel Boulud Game Dinner
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It was my privilege to work with world-renowned chef, Daniel Boulud by providing bird mounts for the game dinner he hosted in his NYC restaurant. You can check out his website at

Harm's Personal Trophy Room

Harm's Personal Trophy Room
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See some of our work in Harm's personal trophy room where our professional team of craftsmen provide quality taxidermy services to big game hunters around the country. We enjoy working professionally with interior designers, architects, and builders to make sure our clients' prized memories are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Safari Club International Annual Hunters' Convention in Reno 2010

SCI Convention 2010
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The allure of SCI’s 2010 Annual Convention attracted nearly 20,000 attendees. This hunters’ heaven has everything the mind can dream of and occupies over 650,000 square feet of exhibit space. As a member of SCI, it is so exciting to be part of this convention. See more at SCI Shows.

We were contacted by a director from Discovery Channel who was working on a show called “Oddities” that is currently airing several times a week. Our episode is referred to as “The Four-Legged Chicken”. They had a client who was looking for a taxidermied sloth. There are 2 types: one type is legal, the other is an endangered species. I had a fur dressed skin of a legal two-toed sloth from a former museum project. They had been looking for months for one for a client. We are known for doing fabrication work. Their client wanted us to taxidermy and alter our sloth to make it look like an endangered three-toed sloth. If you look through our website under fabrication you can see that we build fabricated animals that are unattainable or illegal to possess on a regular basis. These are built with artificial or common types of fur and fabricated claws, sculpted bodies and hand made habitat. They did a tour of our shop and arranged for the purchase and fabrication of the sloth for a segment on their show.

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